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When is the proper time to balance?

You may need to consider having your systems balanced when one or more of the following problems exist:

-The space configuration has changed since the last air balance
-Personnel must continuously readjust control settings
-Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern (ASHRAE Guideline Compliance)
-Odors are present inside the building or hot and cold spots exist
-The building is drafty or stuffy
-Doors stay open or slam-closed
-Excessive dirt or dust is present
-Flies and other bugs become a nuisance and are always present
-Excessive complaints


Annandale Balancing Company, Inc. provides excellent customer service and has been a valued partner of ACME Mechanical Contractors of Virginia, Inc. for over twenty years. The entire Annandale Balancing team has a proven record of professionalism, dedication and commitment to each and every project through job pricing to completion. When we contract with Annandale we expect and get the best service and price. Their expertise and capabilities help bring many difficult jobs to closure. We look forward to continuing our great business relationship with Annandale Balancing Company, Inc.

Carolyn Buckely, President - ACME Mechanical Contractors of Virginia, Inc.

Annandale Balancing Company, Inc. has been a valuable partner with Valley Health for many years. Annandale has been working with Valley Health, throughout our facilities, for over fifteen (15) years. Our experience with Annandale has been very positive. Their team has proven to be a positive force with our staff and the other design and construction staff. They have provided testing and commissioning services to Valley Health for equipment replacements, renovations, major expansions, and new stand-alone facilities. Additionally, Annandale is the sole provider / agent for our retro-commissioning program. The centerpiece program covers all six (6) of our hospital campuses. We have enjoyed our long standing working relationship with Annandale. Their quality of work and professionalism are second to none. I would highly recommend Annandale Balancing Company. They are our Testing & Commissioning Agent of choice. Valley Health looks forward to continuing the relationship we have developed as we move forward in our business.

Mark Baker, VH Director, Facilities Management